Iberry Cafe

Iberry is the center of multi-style ice cream, whether it is Italian-style Tiramisu with the scent of alcohol, the Japanese-style herbal ice cream such as Green Tea,

Black Sesame, White Sesame, or the American-style ice cream such as Cookies n’ Cream, Chocolate Chip, Banana n’ Cheese, and so on...

Iberry offers various fruit flavor ice cream from all over the world; especially, its Thai tropical fruit flavors signature ice cream such as Garcina Ma-dun), Tamarind (Mak-ham), Santol (Gra-ton), Gooseberry (Ma-yom), Lychee (Lyn Chee), Wild Orange (Som-jeed), Durian (Turian), Mangosteen (Mahng-koot), Mango (Ma-muang), and Aromatic Coconut (Ma-prao Nam Hom). 

@G floor, Phuket Square Zone