Phuket International Airport receives more than 20 flights a day from Bangkok, as well as a few daily services from Chiang Mai, Samui, Pattaya, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, and several flights a week from Hong Kong. From Bangkok, the flight is about one hour.

Current timetables for flights to Phuket are shown below, although some services are reduced during the low season. Flights to Phuket include numerous budget options costing about US$50 one-way.

Days: Depart: Arrive: Flight Number: Airline: Remarks:
Daily 06:00 07:05 PG103 Bangkok Air From 4th Jan
2 3 5 6 07:00 08:30 PG119 Bangkok Air  
2 3 5 6 07:30 08:35 PG121 Bangkok Air  
Daily 07:35 09:00 FD3023 Air Asia From 31 Oct to 26 Mar
Daily 07:40 09:05 TG201 Thai Airways From 4th Jan
Daily 07:50 09:20 FD3023 Air Asia From 4th Jan
Daily 08:05 09:30 PG271 Bangkok Air From 15th Jan
2 3 5 6 08:15 09:20 PG123 Bangkok Air From 4th Jan
Daily 08:30 10:00 PG127 Bangkok Air From 7th Jan
Daily 08:30 09:55 TG203 Thai Airways From 15th Jan
Daily 08:40 10:05 FD3021 Air Asia From 27 Mar to 29 Oct
Daily 08:45 10:05 FD3021 Air Asia From 27 Mar to 29 Oct
Daily 09:00 10:30 PG129 Bangkok Air  
Daily 09:15 08:15 PG251 Bangkok Air From 4 Jan to 23 Mar
Daily 09:30 10:50 DD7502 Nok Air From 15th Jan
Daily 09:45 10:50 PG805 Bangkok Air From 4th Jan
Daily 09:50 11:10 TG205 Thai Airways  
Daily 10:00 11:05 PG131 Bangkok Air From 4th Jan
Daily 10:30 12:00 PG265 Bangkok Air From 4 Jan to 27 Feb
Daily 10:50 12:15 FD3025 Air Asia  
Daily 10:55 12:15 TG207 Thai Airways From 31 Oct to 26 Mar
Daily 11:00 12:05 PG133 Bangkok Air  
Daily 11:35 12:55 DD7504 Nok Air From 27 Mar to 29 Oct
Daily 11:45 13:10 PG924 Bangkok Air From 4th Jan
Daily 11:45 13:05 OX8221 Orient Thai From 15th Jan
2 3 5 6 12:00 13:05 PG135 Bangkok Air  
Daily 12:10 13:35 PG924 Bangkok Air From 7th Jan
2 3 5 6 12:20 11:20 PG259 Bangkok Air From 27 Mar to 8 May
Daily 12:35 13:55 TG211 Thai Airways From 1 Sep to 26 Mar
Daily 13:00 14:30 PG216 Bangkok Air  
Daily 13:10 14:30 FD3027 Air Asia From 4th Jan
Daily 13:25 14:45 FD3027 Air Asia From 9 Mar to 15 Mar
Daily 13:35 14:55 DD7506 Nok Air From 27 Mar to 29 Oct
Daily 13:40 12:40 PG253 Bangkok Air  
Daily 13:45 15:10 PG273 Bangkok Air From 4th Jan
Daily 13:50 15:10 FD3027 Air Asia From 4 Jan to 24 Mar

* Days: 1 = Monday, 2 = Tuesday, 3 = Wednesday, 4 = Thursday, 5 = Friday 6 = Saturday, 7 = Sunday

* Please click airlines’ links below for more information
TG: Thai Airways
FD: Air Asia
PG: Bangkok Airways
DD: Nok Air
OX: Orient Thai Airlines

* Flights BKK to HKT ( from Don Muang Airport = FD, DD, OX / from Suvarnabhumi Airport = TG, PG )
Flights HKT to BKK ( from Phuket International Airport )

Updated and correct: January 2011 Source:



Airport transfers are simple. The airport is at the far north of the island, some 30 kilometers from Phuket Town and quite far from Patong Beach and Jungceylon. It is best to use one of the two officials transport companies with booths right inside the arrival lounge. Prices are fixed 700 – 900 THB. for an Airport Limousine or 150 THB. per person for a minibus to get to the major beaches at the south or west of the island.

The Airport Bus is a cheaper alternative as long as you are not in a rush. Ask at the airport for their current departure schedules and pricing.

Car rental is available.


All fares must be negotiated before the ride. These taxi riders are easily identified by their special colored jackets identifying the location of their home base. Many have the word ‘taxi’ written in English on this jacket. Do not take a taxi from anyone who is not wearing one of these jackets.


Private rental cars are easily found in every beach areas, and major rental companies operate in most resorts. If renting private vehicles from the side of the road, beware: few of these vehicles have insurance,and this can prove disastrous in the event of an accident


If you want your own private taxi, look for a tuk tuk, a tiny minitruck converted in the manner of the bigger song-taew above to carry about four (or more) passengers. The tuk-tuk gets its name from the noise its little engine makers. There are fleets of those in all major tourist areas, and they will take you anywhere for a price. The going rate for the relatively short ride between Patong and Phuket can be as much as 450 THB per one way. You can attempt to bargain but don’t expect much movement on their prices and be aware that at night the price of tuk-tuks shoots up. You can also rent one of these tuk-tuks for the day. Expect to pay around 2,000 B. or more. This can be a good way to get about the island if you prefer not to drive yourself.


There are few buses on Phuket and the main form of transport from beach to town is the “Song- taew”, a truck converted to carry passengers in the back on two long benches. They are usually colorful with a sign on front showing where they are going. These vehicles leave from a set stop by the fresh market in Phuket town, reaching every major beach area on the island. They run approximately every hour but there are no fixed scheduled, and they run when there are sufficient passengers. When leaving the beach areas to head back to town they usually cruise around the streets, slowly, picking up passengers. It is slow, but cheap, with the fare from Phuket town to Patong now set at just 35-50 THB. per person!


Regular ferry boat services from Phuket run only to the Phi Phi Islands, Koh Yao Noi and Khabi. There are unscheduled boats to Koh Bon, Racha Yai and Koh Yao Yai. You can get to Koh Lanta by changing boats at Koh Phi phi. Most people get to the other smaller islands by renting their own speed boats or even by chartering yachts. Source: “Transportation”. The Guide Phuket. Febuary 2011: 46-47