Kids get their football and cheerleading kick while cosplayers get ready!

Update 04 May 2017

Salutations to everyone out there, its your favorite living and breathing shopping mall once again bringing you some updates from within these phuket walls. 


Lets get into things by bringing you the cutest, most athletic, skillful players this side of the world! 


Jungceylon shopping center has been hosting this annual competition for several years and its always a great time with hundreds coming out over the course of the weekend to catch a glimpse. of course were talking about the “Jungceyon junior soccer league 2015” which took place from august 14 to august 16 at the port zone in Jungceylon mall (the main courtyard in the middle of your favorite phuket mall). 


Hundreds of kindergarten students from schools all around the island took part, aged between 5-6 years old showing good form and energy out on the artificial turf. it was a 5-on-5 competition with teams rotating after 20 minutes of play. 


And there were prizes. big prizes, 


Scholarship prizes worth over b100,000 were given out at the end of the weeked to winners of both the cheerleading and football competitions! throughout the weekend, there were several side-activities for kids to also take part in. the award-ceremony on august 16 celebrated all the participants of the annual event. 


Now, its time to shift gears and think about this coming September with events coming up. Jungceylon shopping center in phuket has more than just some good ol fashion patong shopping deals planned – we also have another competition brewing!


The “Cosplay Pop Culture Japan Festival 2015” brings together the worlds of anime, gaming, costumes, make up, dancing, music and more! its going to take place at Jungceylons port arena zone  - again, the main courtyard in the middle – from September 12 to September 13.



Interested in dressing up and competing? we have competitions separated for individuals and teams, with anime and gaming categories also on tap. the individuals/singles competition will be on Saturday, September 12 and the team competition is planned for Sunday, September 13. 


to participate, here are the instructions. thai language form can be downloaded at this link. 


For non-thai readers, please send an email to khun fon at the deadline for everyone is 12pm (noon) on September 7. cosplayers in phuket have to wait for the confirmation email to officially consider themselves registered. on registration day, please shore our staff members your confirmation email to compete. 


Anyway, thats all for this time. well see you again soon and stay safe!