September is here!

Update 04 May 2017

September is here and never fear, Jungceylon Shopping Center is already in the clear! While the rain has not slowed down, things are heating up inside this Phuket mall with various promotions and discounts always on hand. 


But we said goodbye to August on a FANTASTIC note! A couple of Chinese tourists made Jungceylon a place for their own personal memories. 


A Chinese man dressed up as Baymax, the giant lovable character from the Japanese anime and subsequent Disney film Big Hero 6, and walked around the Jungceylon Port Arena. He walked up to his girlfriend and then surprised her by taking off the costume, getting down to one knee, popping out a ring and asking for her hand in marriage! >> Link


She said yes and dozens of on-lookers celebrated for the happy, newly-engaged couple. Memories of a lifetime, made at Jungceylon!


Speaking of dressing up as Japanese cartoon characters, the annual Japan Pop Culture Cosplay Festival 2015 took place last week! Literally hundreds of people attended the four-day event, which took place from September 12-16 all over the Phuket shopping center in Patong. Several activities were planned with the themese of anime and gaming in mind. 


The annual event is a favorite for several reasons: its hilarious to watch people dress up and take this seriously, cash prizes are given out, and if youre a photo junkie this is the event for you! Here are a few videos to see what past contestants have done! 


Two anime and gaming themed cosplay competitions (costume contests) took place. 


Congratulations to  นางสาว นฤมล สุขอยู่ the 1st place winner of the Individual Cosplay competition, who dressed up as Ursula from The Little Mermaid. In 2nd place came นางสาว วิจิตรา แก้ววิไลศักดิ์ who portrayed Kirisaki Chitoke from Nisekoi, while the 3rd place winner  นางสาว บุณณดา ศรีโชติ dressed as Mikasuki Munechike from Touken Ranbu. 


Meanwhile, the Team competition saw 1st place winner A-RICE team wearing the Love Live School Idol Project Season 2 costumes. In 2nd place, it was the Nekokhoma team wearing costumes of Vocaloid while the 3rd place team, Usme also wore the Love Live School Idol Project. 


Congratulations once again to all the winners who took home cash prizes that totalled THB 50,000! We cant wait to see you next year! 

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