Located in the southern part of Thailand, 867 km away from Bangkok, the capital city of the country. This island lies in the Indian Ocean, at 7' 45" to 8' 15" North Latitude and from 98' 15" to 98' 40" West Longitude. With two parallel bridges (Sarasin Bridge and Thao Thep Kasatri Bridge) the island is connected to the mainland Phang-Nga province.
Phuket is Thailand's largest island. Its 570 square-kilometre area is surrounded by 32 other smaller islands, all of which are fall under the same municipal jurisdiction. The widest point of the island can be measured at 21.3 km while the longest is at 48.7 kilometers.

The geographic surface of this island is relatively mountainous. Approximately, 70% of the whole island contains slopes, covering all the way, vertically from north to south, as well as on the western side. The highest peak of the island is Mai Tha Sipsong Peak ( also known as Twelve Canes), located in Tambon Patong, Kathu Distirct, at heights of 529 meters.

30 percent of the island consists of low plains and streams. Some of these fresh water canals are namely Khlong Bang Sai and Khlong Than Rue, locating along the central and southern parts of the island.
Approximately 231,000 locals reside in Phuket. In addition to the number, Phuket has high amount of population influx from other parts of Thailand as well as travellers from other nations, as the island is the centre and business hub of Southern region of Thailand. Phuket celebrates its multiculturalism with variety of ethnicities including Thai, Chinese, Muslim, Sea Gypsee,European, east Indian, Arabic and many others.
There are approximately 231,206 residents living in Phuket, this can be divided into the numbers of 114,118 males and 117,088 females.

There are many of outsiders have moved into the island for financial purposes since Phuket is considered as one of the major economic centers in southern Thailand. The ethnic compositions of Phuket residents are as followed: Thai, Chinese, Muslim, Sea Gypsee,European, Indian, Arabic.
As a tropical island, Phuket's weather conditions are directly effected by monsoon wind, which always keeps the island warm and humid all through the year.
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